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Thank you for visiting our website. El Camino Square Dental is located in the beach city of Encinitas, CA. We serve the surrounding areas of San Diego.


The Dentist’s and staff strive to help the patient with whatever dental need they may have whether it’s a crown, filling, denture or a fantastic cosmetic smile.  Our goal at El Camino Square Dental is for each patient to have a HEALTHY & HAPPY SMILE.


Dr. Roberto Salazar and Dr. Marlene Thompson are both general dentists specializing in the following dental procedures:     COSMETIC PROCEDURES…VENEERS, 6 MONTH SMILES, LASER GUM TREATMENT…PERIODONTAL DISEASE


Our specialties at El Camino Square Dental include :



 Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Encinitas dentist is highly trained in the aesthetics of creating new smiles for many of our patients. Using the latest in cosmetic dentistry, our dentist and professional staff will work together to restore or enhance your smile. We use the most modern technology and equipment in cosmetic dentistry so we can create the most natural looking smile for you. We believe that a beautiful smile is key to having a confident outlook and a happy life. Much depends on taking proper care of your teeth and mouth with regular dental visits. We at El Camino Square Dental will do our part in taking care of your teeth, providing you with the best new smile aesthetically and functionally.


Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dental care is extremely important in maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth. Having regular preventive care is the best way to make sure your teeth last your lifetime. This saves money as well by helping you avoid having to undergo major dental procedures as things will be caught early, keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthier. On your own you can regularly brush and floss your teeth as well as clean your tongue to keep your smile bright and healthy between visits to the dentist.

Scheduling regular dental check ups with your dentist in Huntington Beach is vital so that anything problematic can be found early and any tooth decay can be prevented if possible. Parents should teach their children at an early age how to take care of their teeth and get them used to visiting the dentist on a regular basis. This will enable the dentist to find any potential problems and take care of them early so that children and teens can develop a beautiful smile and have healthy teeth and gums as they grow into adulthood.



Fabulous!…In my 45 years of dental appointments I find Dr.Salazar and his staff
to be the BEST ever!…Their facilities are very comfortable and “state of the art”! And I know my entire family is in excellent hands when they visit for their dental work….
My husband has had a very rare and ongoing issue with his teeth,for 20 years now, that no other dentist has been able to resolve…
But since being treated by Dr. Salazar, it is now, finally, under control and my husband is sooo thankful! and sooo relieved!..
I HIGHLY recommend El Camino Square Dental to everyone I know!

by Deborah G
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